Life is Strange and Gravity Falls

I recently finished watching the Gravity Falls season two midseason finale. I’ll stay vague as to not spoil anything, but in it the main character Dipper’s trust for certain characters is tested and I was left on a cliffhanger like you wouldn’t believe. I was shocked and emotionally torn for a while after watching it. After thinking on it a lot I realized that I love … Continue reading Life is Strange and Gravity Falls

What Fallout Means to Me

This morning my alarm woke me up and I was about to turn it off and go back to sleep for another hour when I remembered that the Fallout 4 trailer had been released. I jumped out of bed and before I even went to the bathroom I turned on my computer and watched it. The trailer was everything I hoped it would be – the hauntingly beautiful 40’s music, the wasteland, the mid-century American aesthetic, and the Vaults. It was all there. Continue reading What Fallout Means to Me

Life is Strange Episode 3 Review

Few games are able to accomplish what Life is Strange truly cements in this episode: true identification and immersion. I wanted to let these fictional characters linger in their moment because I so believed in their story and the reality of what was happening. Max, Chloe, and the entire cast is written and acted so incredibly well that they feel like real people. Max and Chloe had been through a lot; they deserved a quiet moment together. Continue reading Life is Strange Episode 3 Review